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checklist-icon A different approach

Our approach was developed to help people bypass three important factors impacting prevention and disease:

Lifestyle is the most important driver for prevention and disease.

By far, our nutrition, activity, sleep, mental health and avoiding tobacco have the greatest impact on our health, and is usually the first line defense in preventing, treating and sometimes reversing chronic disease.

Health insurance can’t invest in prevention like it does for disease.

Because individuals aren’t typically covered by the same health insurance for years, its hard for health insurance to invest in treatments that don’t provide immediately savings. For mandated prevention to support early-detection of major disease, the current model isn’t optimal at accounting for your individual factors to customize and support you.

The lifestyle wellness marketplace is crowded, biased, and confusing.

There is so much conflicting information on the internet, eat only meat, eat impossible burgers, intermittent fasting, vitamins, and even doctors have a difficult time sifting through the scientific literature to determine what generally works, or to bespoke recommendations that require shared decision making with their patient when they barely get 20 minutes for a visit, and are bogged down by the EHR and tons of paperwork needed to bill insurance.

checklist-icon What’s in it for you

Personalized guidance from a single trusted physician prevention expert, that accounts for every aspect of who YOU are, to ensure YOU are on YOUR best path to becoming healthier!

We Get the Full Picture

Clinical, occupational, environmental, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory, plus your full genome, captured, reviewed and accounted for by your physician prevention expert.

Technology Driven Behavior Change Science

Our founder Dr. Jimenez is a nationally recognized thought leader in technology driven behavior change and led development of personalized behavior change initiatives impacting hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients.

Comprehensive In-Home Service and Support

Pre-cooked meals customized to your preferences and needs, unlimited group training and personal trainer support, weekly therapy sessions with anytime support via text, recommended local wellness, all directed and managed for you by your physician prevention expert and clinical team, and accessed from your home.

Your Personalized 5-year Prevention Plan

Your physician prevention expert will take the information from your comprehensive assessment, and your experience during the 4-week program to create a personalized 5-year prevention plan to ensure you maximize your path towards a healthier life, including prevention (sometimes reversal), and early-detection of major disease specific to YOU.

checklist-icon Physician directed education and prevention

How we raise value for our patients

  • The same physician every time
  • Convenient online visits, no waiting
  • Diagnostic lab & genetic report review
  • Personalized lifestyle and prevention plan
  • Personalized education
  • Personalized alerts and reminders
  • Daily analysis of fitness tracker data (Fitbit)

How we save costs for our patients

  • No health insurance
  • No walk-in clinic
  • No acute care or chronic disease management
  • HSA eligible

Every day there are people over the age of 30 without chronic disease who have questions about preventing the chronic disease and preventable death that we hear about every day. They also want to live healthier, more energetic lives, and for those of us with families, pass along healthier behaviors to their children.

Unfortunately, the current health insurance model is not optimized to support intense physician directed wellness & education. Instead, it is primarily geared towards acute care visits (Urgent care, ER, hospitalizations), and chronic disease management. Filling the gap on lifestyle and prevention is the commercial market where for-profit-organizations educate patients on the benefits of the products they sell.

Healthier clinic aims to maximize a patient's ability to become healthier. We believe physician directed wellness is about continuity with the same physician, detailed education, a personalized plan with instructions, and incorporating all the health data patients capture.

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