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Game Changer!!!

Combining tracking data from the Fitbit (calories burned, workout intensity, food intake…) with Dr. Jimenez’s medical counsel is a game change for weight loss. With an accurate history of what is happening from day-to-day along with custom “prescription” of tweaks to make, all guesswork is removed to accomplish weight loss goals.


Healthier Patient


This is the Future

This is the future. When I tell my patients to eat better and exercise more, they end up buying over the counter vitamins and pills that often don’t provide any benefit. It is great to have a service to refer them to now driven by doctors and backed by scientific evidence.




I Feel More Confident

Knowing what is healthier is confusing, and often I feel as though recommendations from “experts” paid out of pocket are tied in some way fees they receive in return. With the no-bias guarantee, I feel more confident in the recommendations I am getting, especially since they are also coming from a physician!


Healthier Patient

testimonial-icon What does the 4-Week Healthier Program Include?

Convenient virtual access to a dedicated physician prevention expert, that will conduct a thorough clinical, diagnostic, occupational, environmental and genomic evaluation*.
Personalized & delicious, 25 pre-cooked meals, and 2 ready-to-cook meals* delivered to your home weekly, along with local restaurant suggestions including menu selections and reservations.
Personalized workout plan created by a certified trainer including 24/7 support, unlimited live virtual group workouts with trainers you can follow from home, and local activity suggestions.
Daily monitoring of your tracker data including Resting HR, Steps, Activity, Sleep, Food logs and more, personalized prompts and support from your health coach to keep you on track.
Based on your comprehensive assessment, and experience during the 4-week program, your physician prevention expert will create a personalized 5-year prevention plan to ensure you maximize your path towards a healthier life.

* Included in the Platinum program


Adopting These 5 Lifestyle Factors

Can Prolong Your Life By 14 Years In Men, 12 Years In Women

Li, Y. et. al. (2018) Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancies in the US Population. Circulation. 138:345-455.


Never Smoking


Healthy Weight


Regular Physical


Healthy Diet


Moderate Alcohol

With Physician Directed Personalized Prevention

You Could Gain Even More!

4-Week Healthier Program

Completely Change the Trajectory of Your Health

Our program was created by nationally recognized disease prevention and behavior change expert, Dr. Andres Jimenez, an alumni of Dartmouth, Brown and Cornell, who has developed behavior change initiatives impacting hundreds of thousands of doctors and patients. Receive technology, convenience, and a trusted physician prevention expert that accounts for every aspect of who YOU are, to ensure YOU are on YOUR best path to becoming healthier!

The 4- Week Program for Chronic Disease Prevention


Physician Led

Clinical Evaluation
Diagnostic Evaluation (review provided lab and imaging history)
Occupational Evaluation
Environmental Evaluation
Wellness Diagnostics: E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx4 (saliva); TSH, Insulin, HbA1c & Vitamin D (blood spot)
Personalized 5-Year Prevention Plan


Daily Meal Plan & Nutrition Monitoring
Weekly Local Food Suggestions & Reservations
25 Weekly Chef-Prepared Pre-Cooked Meals (shipped to your home for 3 weeks) - BistroMD
2 Weekly Ready-to-Cook Meals (shipped to your home) - BlueApron


Daily Activity Monitoring & Health Coach Support
Daily Recommended HIIT Workouts
Weekly Local Activity Suggestions
Personalized Workouts by Certified Trainer with 24/7 Support - Traniac
Unlimited Live Group Workouts with Certified Trainer - Traniac

Sleep & Mental Health

Daily Sleep Monitoring & Support
Daily Recommended Guided Meditation - Headspace
Weekly Counseling with Licensed Therapist (Messages & Live Sessions) - BetterHelp

Monitoring & Support

Weekly HW from Dr. Jimenez
24/7 Text Message Support
Daily Monitoring of data from your own FitBit Devices
Fitbit Inspire 2 and Aria Air Wireless Scale ($150 additional) *optional


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