$499 4 - Week Healthier Program

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Transform your health today, enroll in our 4 - week program and get started and the next Monday.

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Game Changer!!!

Combining tracking data from the Fitbit (calories burned, workout intensity, food intake…) with Dr. Jimenez’s medical counsel is a game change for weight loss. With an accurate history of what is happening from day-to-day along with custom “prescription” of tweaks to make, all guesswork is removed to accomplish weight loss goals.


Healthier Patient


This is the Future

This is the future. When I tell my patients to eat better and exercise more, they end up buying over the counter vitamins and pills that often don’t provide any benefit. It is great to have a service to refer them to now driven by doctors and backed by scientific evidence.




I Feel More Confident

Knowing what is healthier is confusing, and often I feel as though recommendations from “experts” paid out of pocket are tied in some way fees they receive in return. With the no-bias guarantee, I feel more confident in the recommendations I am getting, especially since they are also coming from a physician!


Healthier Patient

testimonial-icon What does the 4-Week Healthier Program Include?

Throughout the program have a dedicated physician and health coach. You meet with your physician at the start and end of the program, and your health coach weekly. You will receive messages and recommendations from your physician based on your progress.
By connecting to your fitness tracker, your physician will receive a daily stream of information by which to monitor your progress and adjust recommendations. You will also receive text messages requesting information your physician will use to further adjust the program as you move through the 4 weeks
Each week a different topic is covered, and the purpose of the education is to help you understand the why and how to make specific healthier choices in your life. Based on your profile, your physician will recommend daily videos to help you through each step of the program.
After completing a detailed medical, environmental and occupational screening history, your physician will provide personalized screening guidance accounting for recommendations from the US Preventative Task Force and other leading authorities. Your recommendations might also include important tests that your insurance company might not include in standard coverage when developing general coverage guidelines. Remember, because of our no-bias guarantee, we don’t profit in any way from these recommendations. Our recommendations are driven solely based on the latest scientific evidence, and after careful consideration of your health and exposures.

Adopting These 5 Lifestyle Factors

Can Prolong Your Life By 14 Years In Men, 12 Years In Women

Li, Y. et. al. (2018) Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancies in the US Population. Circulation. 138:345-455.


Never Smoking


Healthy Weight


Regular Physical


Healthy Diet


Moderate Alcohol

With Physician Directed Personalized Prevention

You Could Gain Even More!

4 - Week Healthier Program

Will Completely Change The Trajectory Of Your Health

Our Healthier program is based on the latest scientific evidence and personalized by a physician specialized in Preventive Medicine. Just imagine a medical doctor only focused on helping you to eat and sleep better, exercise more, reduce stress and personalized national disease and cancer prevention recommendations just for you…


Transform your health today, enroll in our 4 - week program and get started and the next Monday

4-Week Program


4-Week Program

With Fitness tracker rental


$499 + $25 rental fee + $50 deposit

* Fitbit Inspire 2. Fitness tracker rental requires $25 non-refundable rental fee, and a $50 deposit that will be refunded once the Fitness tracker is returned.